Machine Learning and AI Platform

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Applied to Marketing.

Trend Spotting

The ideation funnel is time-consuming, laborious and dependent on guesswork. We can provide a scientific approach to complement your process.

Product Innovation

Product design is a n-factor problem. We can help you discover variables that influence Product Design.

Digital and Creative Messaging

Marketing is performance and analytics driven. We can co-develop a the meta-marketing model with you that is pre-emptive not reactive.


A company that quantifies "Intelligence" in Artificial Intelligence.

  • A Legacy of Innovation and Thought Leadership

    The serial entrepreneurial team that pioneered Neuromarketing, now brings Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to disrupt Product Innovation and Creative Messaging.

  • Uncovering Latent Meaning

    World’s first analysis of unique inputs under the threshold of conscious consumption by consumers using Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence then uncovers hidden product innovations, communication innovations, and experiences consumers crave.

  • A.I. assisted Discovery

    Cutting edge Machine Learning algorithms and proprietary Artificial Intelligence paradigms process petabytes of data to discover and deliver insights, specific marketing strategies and messages, and new product concepts in record time, globally.

  • Disruption in Business Time

    Pseudo real time - not weeks.
    Cost Effective - not hundreds of thousands of dollars.
    Cutting edge algorithms - not boring interviews.

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