Innovative Products

Trend Spotting
Extracting trends in the non-conscious minds of consumers provide opportunities for market leadership. Trends are extracted and tracked over time and across markets.

Product Innovation
Product design is a n-factor problem. Algorithmically identify product and business model innovations the non-conscious minds of consumers desire.

Digital and Creative Messaging
Algorithmically extract constructs already connected in the non-conscious minds of the consumer. Advertising built on these embedded non-conscious concepts is most effective.

Metaphor Extraction
Metaphors are the language of the non-conscious mind. Algorithmically extract metaphors connected to category, brand, and product to facilitate product and message innovation.

Category Busting Metric
The brain looks for a single number to differentiate products, and uses price to differentiate if such a number is unavailable. Algorithmically extract the “metric that matters most” for a category from retail data.

Product Naming
Product names trigger non-conscious associations with neurally bound pre-existing concepts. Algorithmically extract product names based on structured typologies and rank order them based on proximity to product concept.

Implicit Brand Personality Extraction and Tracking
Consumers non-conscious minds implicitly define a personality for a brand. Algorithmically extract the implicit brand personality, and track its progress and extract messaging efficiency.

Pricing Model Selection
Pricing represents a way to woo and seduce the non-conscious mind through apparent reason. Choose the right pricing model based on product, brand, category, and competitive dynamics.

Category Extension
Consumer’s non-conscious minds implicitly invite a brand to do more. Algorithmically extract categories that are adjacent in the consumer’s minds and thereby facilitate product, brand, and category extensions.

AI-based Neurological Alignment of Digital Messaging
Neurological alignment of messaging boosts efficiency, and misalignment results in wasted marketing spend. Algorithmically verify, and when possible auto-correct neurological misalignment.

Message Personalization
Personalize sales, marketing and digital messaging at scale. Algorithmically modify messages to personalize to consumers based on demographic information, in real time.

Call Center Script, and Focus Group Dialogue Analysis
Reading between the lines of consumer articulations. Algorithmically extract implicit issues, concerns, and innovations from analysis of call center scripts and dialogues of focus groups.

Product Review Analysis
Deep understanding of the non-conscious desires and frustrations of consumers. Algorithmically extract implicit issues, concerns, and innovations from analysis of call center scripts and dialogues of focus groups.