At machineVantage we want all of our customers to know what we do and what we offer. Therefore we have listed the following to clarify our services.

NeuroDesign Services

We apply neuroscience and neuro-marketing principles to the design of your packaging and copy.

Rapid Neuro Assessment

We use neuroscience driven assessment of imagery, digital copy, digital messaging, and storyline flow to help you discover what your customers desire.


We offer a rapid 1 hour Neuro Clinic for adhoc and spontaneous evaluation of marketing materials based on neuroscience principles.

Fragrance Design

Design of fragrance and perfumes for products fully compliant with IFRA certifications.

Cultural Metaphor

Non-conscious metaphors blended with cultural semiotics to maximize efficiency.

Advertising Evaluation

Evaluation of advertising - TV and Digital for alignment with Neuroscience principles to ensure effectiveness.

Shopping Planogram Evaluation

Redesign of planograms and shelf messaging to enhance purchase intent.

Sonic Branding Music Creation

Create Brand Music aligned with Neuroscience principles to enhance memorability of the Brand.

Product Innovation

Create incremental (evolutionary) and revolutionary innovation - at the category level, product, and sky level.

Messaging Innovation

Fine-tune or tweak existing messaging for products, and advertising.